Your Smart Halloween Lights This Season

Whether you’re throwing a party or turning your patio into a neighborhood attraction this Halloween season, you know that lights are a go-to; they catch the eye, they’re easy to install, and they help make your creative ideas come together. However, any type of ornament that uses electricity inevitably comes with a few safety hazards you ought to look out for.

Common Halloween Lights Hazards

Of the many hazards lights present, the following are among the most recurring:

  • Down to the wire: cords and wires that are cracked, frayed, or with no insulation pose a huge risk of electric shock and a potential fire
  • Exceeding the maximum electrical capacity: overloading your electrical system with more usage than it is equipped to handle is a serious issue many might ignore
  • Tripping and falling over unruly wiring: cords become a tripping hazard to your safety when they are unkempt and unorganized
  • Halloween Lights near flammable objects: if lights are turned on for long periods of time, they heat up which makes them dangerous especially during Halloween season
Halloween lights hazard infographic

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Keep It Safe

Halloween is right around the corner. While it is fun to go crazy with decorations, maintaining your safety as well as the safety of those around you is far more important. Therefore, before you begin transforming your home into a light show this year, be mindful of the risks at hand so you can enjoy your Halloween knowing your house is proofed against potential mishaps. And if you are thinking to upgrade your panel or electrical system before the holiday season, contact a certified, licensed and experienced electrician.