Licensed Electrician VS Non-Licensed Electrician

Is Hiring a Licensed Electrician Worth It?

Electrical problems are reported to be one of the most dangerous in households and businesses. Each year, about 1000 accidents involving electric shock or burns are reported. Nearly ⅓ of these accidents are caused by faulty wiring, electrical shorts, and general negligence. This number only goes to show how hazardous electricity work can be, especially when done by a non-licensed electrician. So in order to prevent disastrous outcomes and maintain your safety, if you suspect an electrical issue in your property, you must have a skilled, licensed electrician on site.

What Is a Licensed Electrician?

A licensed electrician is one that has received formal training and official certification from a recognized institution, making them qualified to provide electrical services under the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario.

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Do I Need a Licensed Electrician?

According to the Ontario Electricity Act, anyone that does electrical work in your house or business must be a Licensed Electricity Contractor (LEC) which will, in, turn, provide a licensed electrician to do the job. This means that, by law, general handyman and other home service providers cannot under any circumstance perform electrical work in residences unless they hold a license to practice.

The reason why it’s illegal to hire a non-licensed electrician is that the risks are otherwise too high. Seeking a licensed contractor and/or electrician is important due to the following reasons:

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  • When hiring a licensed electrician via an electrical contractor, you guarantee that all electrical work is done under the Electrical Safety Code and the laws relating to health, employment standards, business tax, and consumer protection.
  • Licensed Electricity Contractor can offer a certificate of inspection that details all electrical work done in your home or business. Your contractor will provide a copy of this certificate that testifies their work complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. This way, you have formal documentation that keeps the record of your property’s electricity.
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  • All licensed electricians have electrical liability insurance that covers any electrical damage or loss affecting your property, or an occupant in the house.
  • Hiring a registered electrician means you don’t have to risk your safety or theirs in the process.

How Much Is an Electrician Service Call?

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A licensed electrician usually charge $50 to $100 per hour, whereas, for a small project, the total rate ranges from $160 to $500 depending on the job you need to get done. While it may seem like a hefty amount to pay, the advantages that come with hiring a licensed electrician far outweigh a saved penny.

Safety First

While you might be tempted to DIY an electrical problem, you are facing or have an unlicensed electrician’s assistance because it’s the easy, cheap route. By doing so, you are putting your safety and the safety of those around at jeopardy. Instead, hire a qualified electrician that has experience in the field and knows what they’re doing as it is the safer, smarter and more responsible thing to do.