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Knob and tube wiring is probably the oldest method of home wiring. The wiring consist of only two wires that include a neutral wire and a live wire, but no earth wire. In this type of wiring, cloth-covered wires are joined with porcelain knobs to secure these wires in place. Holes are drilled through a stud or joist and porcelain tubes fitted into them. The wires are then threaded through the tubes to stop them from touching the wood.

General Faults Associated with Knob and Tube Wring Method

An intact and working knob and tube system pose no immediate risk. However, problems often arise due to a variety of causes, some of which include the age of the installations or adjustments made to the electrical systems by the previous homeowner. Unscrupulous electricians too can interfere with the wiring, hence complicating an already existing wiring problem or initiating a new problem altogether. We are a reputable knob and tube wiring & rewiring expert company with enough credibility and experience in this field.

One of the most common problems with knob and tube wiring is its insulation. The insulation is made of rubber or cloth and not plastic like it should. Over time, this rubber insulation degrades and exposes the bare wires to air, water and moisture. This exposure makes it vulnerable to short-circuiting, which can cause fire and several other disasters. We normally conduct a thorough inspection to identify the exposed wires, or any other underlying danger, to correct them. We make sure all the wires are covered and insulated.

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Wiring is Never a DIY Affair

Knob and tube wiring jobs should not be attempted by homeowners because of the dangers that may be associated with. We boast of a highly qualified staff with the right skills and experience to handle even the scariest of wiring situations. No matter how complicated the wiring problem is, we will always solve it within the shortest time possible.

Complete Wiring Replacement by On-Time Electric Toronto

Complete Wiring Replacement

If a homeowner notices a brittle, crack or damage in any part of the knob and tube wiring system, the wisest thing to do is to contact us as soon as possible. Where replacement is needed, using our state of the art equipment and materials, we will replace the portion of the wiring system with the perfection it deserves. We put the safety and well-fare of our customers first, and that is why our wiring replacements are done with a lot of care and accuracy to avoid any future disasters.

Electric Rewiring Services

Rewiring Knob and Tube Wiring

Due to complexities and dangers that the knob and tube wiring exposes homeowners to, sometimes the best solution involves a complete rewiring. We are hiring experts with ample rewiring experience and skills that is geared not only towards making homes a better safer place, but also improves its appearance. We will replace the entire system with the modern wiring system that will serve you better and with improved efficiency. Just within a couple of hours, the old system will have been removed and a new system installed.

Homeowners should take extra caution while dealing with Knob and tube system because of the so many dangers it can pose on them and their families if not well taken care of. Only reputable experts like us can be trusted to handle complex wiring situations.