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Power surges happen without warning. Though usually not series, they can be inconvenient. Surges usually occur when you are running too many appliances at the same time or plugging in too many appliances into a socket. Some surges are the result of electrical issues we can’t control like work being done outside of your home by utility crews or downed power lines or lightning.

Surges often require fixing a circuit breaker, while others can cause serious damage to your homes, such as a lightning strike that surges through your tv or computer. Having the right home surge protection is the first step in protecting your home and your valuables from surge damage.

Here are some helpful hints to help you know which surge protector is right for your house.

What Are Electrical Power Surges?

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You have likely experienced a power surge in the past. A surge occurs when there is a sudden spike in your electrical system’s current. It can take only a couple of seconds, but the damage can be long-term and costly.

The most common cause of power surges are:

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  • Faulty Appliances – Old or unused appliances that do not meet proper electrical codes.
  • Bad or Faulty Wiring – Old or poorly installed wiring that is not up to code or has been damaged.
  • Tripped Circuit Breakers – Often the result of power surges, commonly referred to as ‘blown fuses’.
  • Downed Power Lines or Surges at The Power Lines – Fallen or damaged power lines can cause a surge on the system and damage one or many homes.
  • Lightning Strikes – Lightning can enter your home’s electrical system causing significant damage.

Though usually a rare occurrence, if you notice regular power surges, it may be time to examine your electrical system for issues.

Why Are They Dangerous

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Most power surges are harmless and inconvenient. You may experience a power outage or flickering of your lights. In more serious causes, power surges can lead to damage to your home such as fire or destroying an electrical appliance.

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Power surges may also be dangerous because they are usually a sign of a more significant electrical problem, which could lead to electrocution or death. It is important to consult an expert if you are experiencing frequent power surges. They can determine the source of the power surges and make the necessary repair suggestions and get your electrical system operating properly again.

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Never attempt to make any electrical changes to your home without first consulting with a qualified electrician. This could result in serious injury.

Why Does My Home Need Surge Protection?

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Most people don’t understand the risks of power surges until the damage is done. Our homes are filled with appliances and electronics that require significant power to operate such as ovens, vacuums, and even your digital devices. A power surge from the home’s interior or exterior can cause significant damage to these valuable appliances, leaving you with costly repair and replacement bills.

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More frequent severe weather means homes are also more likely to experience surges resulting from lightning stores and downed power lines. If your home is struck by lightning, it can run through your entire electrical system and destroy anything in its path.

Home surge protection can ensure your home is prepared for any type of electrical surge, leaving your valuables safe and protected.

Whole-Home Surge Protection

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Surge protection is an affordable and easy way to protect your home and belongings from damage. There are two main ways to protect your home that ensure you are getting complete and effective protection.

  • Primary Protection – This type of surge protection protects your home at the source of electrical power, the electric panel.
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  • Secondary Protection – This protection is the easiest way of keeping your electronics safe. Surge protection is installed where your electrical components are plugged in such as outlets and stove hookups.
  • Whole – home surge protectors usually last about 3 years and should be inspected and replaced regularly to ensure you are maintaining full protection. This high level of protection both inside and out will keep your home safe from sudden surges.

Electrical Panel Surge Protector

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We have explained the ways you can protect your home from surge damage. The most important of these being electrical panel surge protection or primary protection. Surge protection in this location protects your large appliances from damage such as HVAC, stoves, dryers, washers, dishwashers, computers, and fridges. An electrician can help you decide the best type of surge protection for your home based on your lifestyle and the type of electronic devices you use. Never try to open an electrical panel without consulting an expert.

The professional electricians at One Time Electric can help you discover how you can protect your valuables from electrical surge damage. Affordable and effective surge protection is the best choice for whole-home surge protection. Contact us today for a free quote.

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