Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Your first defense against carbon monoxide and fire is a reliable alarm system. Ontime Electric can help you guard your home or business against these potentially deadly scenarios with professional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarm installation and service.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Installation

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Installation

It is called the silent killer for a reason. Carbon monoxide is colourless, tasteless, odourless, and deadly. It occurs when fuels are not burned completely. Fuels such as propane, kerosene, gas, natural gas, oil and charcoal, and wood are the most common sources. Between 2001 and 2007, 74 Ontarians died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from vehicle exhaust or furnaces fumes. If you have a fireplace, furnace, barbecue, or other have an attached garage, then you should consider installing carbon monoxide alarms.

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Ontime Electric will come to your home and put together a detailed protection plan that ensures an alarm will sound at the first detection of carbon monoxide. Our team of professional and knowledgeable technicians will then install carbon monoxide detectors in critical areas in your home so that your family is protected. We only use certified carbon monoxide alarms so you can feel confident you are getting effective protection. We also offer regular service to ensure your carbon monoxide detectors are operating the way they should and that potential sources of carbon monoxide are stored properly.

Smoke Detector Installation

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You have only seconds to escape a fire. That’s why it is important to have smoke alarms on all levels of your home and outside bedrooms. Smoke alarms are a critical tool in ensuring your family escapes a fire safely. It is important to only use certified smoke detectors with a loud audible noise to warn of danger. Children can often sleep through smoke alarms so it is critical to make sure yours provides the best and most effective detection.

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Ontime can install smoke alarms in critical areas of your home. A smoke alarm that is hardwired into your home with battery backup is the most effective way to protect your family and valuables. We also recommend doing monthly inspections to ensure your smoke alarm is operating properly. If you notice the light isn’t working anymore or your smoke alarm is beeping intermittently then it is time to replace the batteries or have an inspection.

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The most effective way to test if your alarm is working is using a candle, or cotton string that creates smoke near your alarm. If your alarm doesn’t go off after a few seconds, then it is time for an inspection or battery replacement. If you are unsure, contact Ontime Electric for a fast and friendly inspection.

Ontario Carbon Monoxide Detector Law

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The province of Ontario has several laws and building codes around the installation of carbon monoxide detectors. You must have a working carbon monoxide detector adjacent to sleeping areas in your home if you have fuel-burning appliances such as natural gas or wood stoves. ​​In a condo or apartment building with a service room, CO alarms must be installed in the service room and in each suite or sleeping area adjacent to the service room.

It is also recommended that all All fuel-burning appliances and vents be inspected annually by a registered contractor.

Make sure your home is protected with the installation of fire and carbon monoxide detectors. The team of professional electrical contractors can ensure that your alarms are installed properly and in the right locations so you can feel confident you have the best protection. Call us today for a free quote.

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Can a smoke detector also be a carbon monoxide detector?

Smoke detectors help to warn occupants of a fire, giving them time to escape. However, smoke detectors that also function as carbon monoxide alarms will only have one type of smoke sensor.

This means that they may not be able to detect all types of fires. For example, if a fire starts in a room that does not have a lot of ventilation, the smoke may not reach the detector. In addition, some types of fires, such as those caused by electrical equipment, may not produce enough smoke to trigger the detector. As a result, it is important to have both types of detectors in your home.

Where is the best place to put a smoke and carbon monoxide detector?

The best place to put a smoke and carbon monoxide detector is on the high walls or near the center of the ceilings, and at least 10 feet away from cooking appliances.

The 10-foot rule for putting detectors near cooking appliances is important because cooking can create a lot of smoke that might set off false alarms. Carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, so it’s important to have multiple detectors in your home to make sure you are alerted if there is a problem.

How many carbon monoxide detectors should be in a home?

It is important to have at least one carbon monoxide detector in your home. However, for maximum safety, it is recommended to have a detector in each room that has a fuel-burning appliance.

This includes any room where there is a fireplace, wood stove, or gas stove. In addition, detectors should be placed near sleeping areas so that if there is a CO leak, you will be awoken and can take action to clear the area. With proper placement of detectors, you can help to keep your family safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How can I silence the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm?   

At some point, every homeowner will need to test their smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. However, sometimes the alarm can go off while you are testing it, which can be annoying. If this happens, you can silence the alarm by pushing and holding the silence button for 5 seconds.

You may need to do this a few times to give the alarm enough time to reset. Once the alarm is silenced, you can continue with your test. Just be sure to keep an eye on the alarm in case it goes off again. If it does, you’ll know that there is an actual problem that needs to be addressed.

Can smoke or carbon monoxide detectors be linked to each other?

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are two of the most important safety devices in any home. While they both serve different purposes, it is possible to link them together so that they can work together to keep your family safe. When linked, the smoke detector will trigger the carbon monoxide detector if it detects smoke, and the carbon monoxide detector will sound an alarm if it detects elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

This way, you can be sure that you and your family will be alerted to any potential dangers, even if you are not in the same room as the devices. Linking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is a simple process, and it could just save your life.

My smoke detector keeps on chirping. What is going on?

If your smoke detector keeps on chirping, beeping, or making another unwanted sound, check the battery. A smoke detector that won’t stop chirping is usually indicating that the battery needs to be replaced. If you have a smoke detector that is plugged into an outlet, it may be time to replace the entire unit. It is important to regularly test your smoke detectors to ensure that they are in working order.

You should also vacuum or dust around the unit on a monthly basis to prevent dust buildup from interfering with the sensors. If your smoke detector is still chirping after you’ve changed the battery and dusted around the unit, it’s time to replace it.