Retail Store Electricians

There are many diverse details that go into setting up or upgrading retail electrical systems. With their heavy reliance on power and connectivity, these types of businesses need an electrical system that can handle 24/7 demand. Typically, in retail, the store’s computers and other electronic devices are required to remain in use even during overnight hours. This means that as a retail owner, your electrical system needs to be designed in a way that meets the demand of your store.

There are often tight timelines in which electrical work needs to be conducted and completed. This and other components that make the job more complex is the reason why many electricians shy away from retail clients. Not with Ontime Electric. Our team is up for the task and will gladly take on this challenge.

Experienced Retail Store Electricians

We specialize in providing robust electrical solutions to retailers. Whether the task is setting up electrical wiring for a new store, or conducting an electrical upgrade for a store remodel, Ontime Electric is the right team for the job. The last thing you want is to have an electrical crisis during operating hours. That’s why it is critical to choose a company that is backed by rave reviews and proven customer satisfaction. Ontime Electric is proud to be among the top retail electricians in the region. With a diverse portfolio of completed retail projects, we guarantee that our highly qualified will exceed your expectations.

Good lighting is essential as a security measure. Retail stores are often targeted by burglars because of the value of the merchandise within the store. It’s critical to set up a well-wired alarm system and have sufficient lighting on the exterior of your store to deter robbers.

Our retail electrical services include:

Store lighting:

  • display lighting installation
  • interior and exterior LED lighting
  • parking lot lighting installation
  • exterior and interior lighting repair
  • brand signage lighting
  • display and panels
  • energy efficient lighting control systems installation and management

Retail construction: 

  • retail electrical contracting
  • wiring and fixture installation
  • retail electrical consulting, planning, and design
  • store expansions and remodeling
  • power distribution

Ontime Electric is your one-stop shop for all your retail electrical needs. As experts in electrical services, we’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

At Onetime Electric, you are always guaranteed to get a friendly, courteous and knowledgeable professional sent to your home. Whether it’s changing a light bulb or re-wiring the basement, we offer quick and safe electrical installation services that can’t be beaten by anybody else in Toronto and across the GTA! Call us today for a free consultation.

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Reliable Electrical Maintenance

In addition to our electrical installation services, Ontime Electric also provides reliable maintenance services. You need to ensure that your electrical system is always running efficiently. For this to happen, you need the services of a certified maintenance electrician who can ensure everything is in good condition. You also need a team that will quickly address potential problems before they turn into electrical disasters. 

Ontime Electric can provide:

  • electrical repair
  • electrical installation
  • electrical maintenance
  • breaker panel upgrade
  • equipment wiring
  • preventative maintenance and more

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Have peace of mind by hiring Ontime Electric for all your retail electrical maintenance. Our team is knowledgeable on the various codes your system needs to comply with and will ensure that all problems are addressed in a timely manner.

Reach out to our team today to find out what electrical solutions are available for your retail store.