Residential Services

Ontime Electric is dedicated to keeping your home comfortable, attractive and functional. In order for that to happen, your electrical appliances and wiring need to be maintained in good order. We understand that you want to prevent power outages and issues, and we do everything we can to keep you living comfortably in your home. We provide and care for all residential electrical needs.

Residential Electrical Troubleshooting

If you’re having problems with your electrical wiring, appliances, outlets, etc. and simply don’t know what to do, Ontime Electric is the company to call. We are thoroughly trained in every kind of electrical troubleshooting and problem-solving. Everything from simple repairs to complete system updates is simple, quick and effective if you call us immediately. We offer phone consultations, guidance, and can accurately diagnose and quote you on repairs or replacements before we even step foot into your home.


Residential Electrical Services

We offer all forms of residential electrical services, from installation and maintenance of lighting in your home, to installation of new fixtures, wiring and wire replacements, outlets, dimmers, panel changes and general maintenance. We also install specialty lighting such as potlights, chandeliers, dimmers and other.

Pot-light Installation

Pot lights have steadily been some of the most popular lightingchoices for homes across Canada, which is why we receive more and more requests for pot light installations across the area. As these lights are tricky to install, it’s vital to hire the correct contractor to do it for you. As one of Toronto’s leading electrical companies, Ontime Electric is happy to offer the highest quality, expert pot light installation services. In order to provide you with the best possible service we use the following methods to create beautiful lighting fixtures in your home’s interior and exterior:


  • Laser alignment: We ensure your pot lights are properly aligned using laser positioning technology.
  • Safe Electrical Products: We only use and install electrical products that meet Safety Policies and home building codes in your area.
  • Best cutting tools: As pot lights are tricky to install and require re-wiring of your ceilings and walls, it’s a difficult task to install them without opening up portions of your ceiling. TO ensure your satisfaction and prevent any damages, we use only the best technology to cut, place and wire your ceiling.
Lighting installation

Lighting Installation

We offer lighting installation for all homes, including newly constructed home wiring and lighting. Our teams are capable of installing any lighting element, from pot-lights to landscape illumination to pool lighting. We have installed countless kitchen, bath, bedroom and living room lighting and offer energy-saving lighting solutions such as dimmers, energy saving lightbulbs and fixtures and more. Inquire about our lighting installation services for more information.

Panel Changes

Ensure that your home’s electrical panels are up to date and up to code standard. Many areas of Ontario now require having up to date panels to prevent electrical issues and fire hazards. Contact a professional electrician today to determine whether your home is in need of a panel change, and get the best possible solution for your home’s safety and your electrical bills. Ontime Electric’s professional electricians have 15 years of experience in the field, and can help you assess your home’s electrical needs. See the following on panel upgrades, or contact us today.

Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

Older homes are likely to have outdated electrical systems which simply can’t keep up with today’s technology, and the amount of energy these gadgets require. To prevent problems such as overloading of your electrical systems, power failures or surges, it’s important to keep your electrical panel up to date. Your electrical panel is an important part of your home, helping to provide electricity throughout your home. Power from your utility company flows through his panel, bracing out into the major branches of your home to power individual appliances, lighting and gadgets. Some signs of an old, failing electrical panel are constantly flickering lights, frequently blowing fuses, appliances turning off when you use another, circuit breakers which cause shocks, overheating or fires. If you notice one or more of these issues it may be symptomatic of a failing panel, and you might need an upgrade. Ontime Electric provides panel upgrades from:

  • 60amp to 100amp
  • 100amp to 200amp
  • 200amp to 400amp

Knob and Tube Rewiring

If you live in an older home, you may still be relying on a knob and tube electrical system. We can either repair your older system, offering rewiring for knob and tube, or complete system upgrades. As knob and tube wiring is unsafe, prone to failure and simply doesn’t provide enough power for the modern home, it’s imperative to upgrade it as quickly as possible and prevent problems and safety hazards. We re-wire old wiring with new, updated wire systems, replace the rubber sheathing around older knob and tube systems and offer complete system upgrades such as panel upgrades and full home-rewiring.

knob and tube wiring toronto

Aluminum Rewiring

Aluminum Rewiring

Homes built around the 60’s may have aluminum wiring installed. While in certain circumstances, aluminum wiring is a safe alternative to copper, it is also an outdated method which causes electrical problems in modern homes due to the softness, malleability, and likelihood of expansion of the metal. Older homes with aluminum wiring may now be experiencing rusted wires, which prevent proper conduction and result in safety hazards. Some solutions to these issues include: rewiring of your home with modern equivalents, installing aluminum approved receptacles and switches, or bridging a new copper pigtail wire between the existing aluminum wire and your electrical devices. These processes are quite complicated, and require a skilled electrician to fix.

Ontime Electric offers these services, and can advise you on how best to fix your aluminum wiring issues. We offer cost-effective solutions for your home’s wiring problems.

Fuse Box to Breaker Upgrades

Modern homes are outfitted with breakers, not fuses. The old fuse electric box system is less efficient, and more prone to failure resulting in the need to change your fuses regularly. If you’re considering an update to your electrical system, one of the best portions you can invest in is a fuse box to breaker upgrade. Not only are breakers far more efficient, they do not blow, do not require switching and offer a new, efficient and safer alternative to older systems. Ontime Electric offers fuse box to breaker upgrades, alongside our other upgrades, repairs and installations. We can assist you with choosing the most efficient and cost-effective system for your home.

Fuse Box to Breaker Upgrades

Backup Generator Installation

Backup Generator Installation

Until we experience a power outage, we are unaware of how much we depend on electricity. Living in a country such as Canada, where snow, rain, freezing temperatures and unforeseen power outages are common, having a backup generator in your home may be massively beneficial to your everyday life. Most homeowners are simply not prepared for a power outage, and don’t bother to think about the man benefits of a backup generator, which can provide you with security in the face of power failure. Ontime Electric offers and installs a variety of backup generators, so that you can have the added security of constant power in your home or business.

Specialty Wiring and Lighting

In addition to all the above, as well as our general electrical services for residential homes, we offer: outdoor lighting systems, corrective wiring, installation of accent lighting, system wiring for smoke detectors and security systems, pool lighting, electric hear, landscape lighting, pump and equipment wiring and more. Call us today to inquire about our services.

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