Ontime Electric is Toronto’s number one choice for light fixture installation services. We offer one of the largest selections of traditional and modern lighting options designed to beautify and enhance the look of your home. Our team of professional electrical contractors can help you choose the right lighting to suit your lifestyle and the look of your home creating improved and more energy-efficient lighting solutions for your home.

Interior Lighting Installation

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Lighting has a tremendous effect on the overall look of your home. From creating warm and cosy spaces to providing additional light for workspaces, the right lighting is important. We can help you find the right interior lighting solutions for your space including ambient and accent lighting. We will work with you to develop a lighting design plan that fits all your design goals.

Interior Lighting Installation Toronto

Our most popular interior lighting options include:

  • Accent Lighting
  • Pot Lighting
  • Dimmers
  • Ceiling fan and track lighting
  • Closets and drawers

Ontime Electric has lighting options that make any space more accessible and functional while adding value and beauty to your home.

LED Lighting Installation

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LED or light-emitting diode lighting is an affordable and energy-efficient way to increase the lighting in your home. Most homeowners experience a savings of nearly 80% on their energy bill after installing LED lights.

LED lights are a great solution for high traffic areas where lights may be on continuously such as lobbies and parking garages. But they are also a great choice in homes where a little extra lighting is needed such as a closet and drawers. LED lights provide effective and bright light that makes it easier to see in smaller spaces or dimmed to enjoy soft ambient light. They are also easily adjustable and can be positioned in customized ways to get maximum brightness.

Pot Lights Installation

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Pot lights or recessed lights are some of the most popular ways to improve lighting in your home. Designed to be embedded in the ceiling they seamlessly blend into the room without the need for hanging lights or chandeliers. Most pot lights work with traditional lightbulb options such as halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent. Pot lights can be programmed to be dimmed by remote or switch and can usually be installed within a day or so, making them a quick and affordable lighting solution.

Accent Lighting Installation

Accent Lighting Installation

Accent lighting sets the mood for your room. It can be modern, classical, or retro. Ontime Electric has a large selection of accent lighting options to help you create the space you have always wanted. Accent lighting allows you to get creative, from lighting around your kitchen workspace to elegant chandelier fixtures over your dining table, accent lighting is the perfect way to give a room character

Show Room Potlights Installation

Our team of expert lighting installation technicians can also help increase your curb appeal by adding accent lighting around your homes, such as patio lights, garden lights, or floodlights. Whatever your design idea, Ontime Electric can create the look you desire.

Ballasts Installation

Ballasts Installation

Ballast installation can be tricky. Often requiring the removal of shades and carefully replacing the burnt-out bulb, it is a smart choice to have a professional take care of ballast installation. Our team comes prepared with all the necessary equipment to reach your ballasts and safely remove the existing bulb. We then replace it with a new one and install the protective shades again. Remember even a small bump can cause a ballast to explode, so always check with an expert before doing the removal yourself.

Dimmers Installation

Dimmers Installation by On-Time Electric

Dimming the lights while enjoying a nice meal after a long day’s work is the perfect way to end the day. Dimmers are also a great choice for other gathering places in your home such as media rooms or when you want to escape the world while soaking in a relaxing tub. Most light switches can be reconfigured to dimmer switches quickly and affordably. Ontime Electric can also retrofit your home with remote control and programmable dimmers that let you easily transition from bright light to subtle light in seconds.

Timers Installation

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Timers are an affordable and effective way to provide added security for your home. Your Ontime Electric technician will review your existing lighting design and then put together a plan that incorporates times that can be programmed to your specifications. Timers can be connected to interior and exterior lighting so you can enjoy the safety advantages of timers around your entire home.

Track Lighting Installation

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Track lighting allows you to take advantage of multi-angle lighting. A great option for gathering spaces such as media and games rooms, track lighting allows you to focus light in certain areas and enhance the light in darker spaces. Amateur chefs will enjoy track lighting in the kitchen, as it effectively lights multiple workspaces so you never have to worry about missing an important ingredient.

Contact Ontime Electric for a free estimate on your lighting project and see how new lighting can not only enhance the look of your space but help you save energy and add value to your home.

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