How Much Does it Cost to Install Pot Lights in 2023?

Average Cost of Pot Light Installation

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Have you been researching information surrounding the cost to install pot lights? Well, you have come to the right place.

Pot light installation cost is determined by a multitude of things, including labor, wiring, and the type of bulb you choose.

Factors Affecting Pot Light Installation Cost

Material used for ceiling: in order to install recessed lighting, recesses will have to be cut into your ceiling. The material in which the ceiling is made can certainly affect the cost. For example, it’s far easier to cut into a ceiling made of drywall rather than hardwood.

Type of housing: the encased components of the light are referred to as housing. These include shallow housing, can less, and air tight options – all of varying cost.

Type of trim: similar to housing, there is different trim available. This is the area that covers the area between the housing and the ceiling. Eyeball trim and reflector trim are the popular options.

Bulbs used: LED, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs are the standard choices for recessed lighting, all with different purchase and operating costs.

Labour required: an electrician will charge between $200 to $250 for can or can less recessed LED. Each install can take up to three hours.

Materials: recessed lighting fixtures can fluctuate significantly in price. Ranging anywhere from $30 to $230 per fixture. This doesn’t even include installation costs.

Wiring: if there aren’t pre-existing lights and wire runs to utilize, and an electrician has to run wire in order to energize the lights, this will certainly increase the cost.

Accessibility: should an electrician have to navigate around such obstacles as joists, wires from other electrical devices, joists, and ducts, this will add to the overall cost of the install.

Additional Costs

Pre-existing lights or new construction: as previously mentioned, utilizing pre-existing lighting infrastructure is a great way to keep costs down. Pre-existing lighting costs can vary for the entire project. 

Repairs to drywall: oftentimes you will need to cut into existing drywall to install recessed lighting. There will be patch work required once the fixtures are in, and these drywall repairs can be anywhere from $500 to $1000. 

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Indoor or outdoor pot lights: outdoor pot lights are typically more expensive as there are limited locations that are suitable for the lights. That said, you need fewer lights to adequately illuminate an area.

Finish type: white is the most common finish but bronze, black, copper, nickel, chrome, and even gold options exist.

Dimmer switch: dimmers allow you to control and adjust brightness level.

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As you probably learned, there are a number of different factors that determine pot light installation cost. From bulb type and wiring, interior or exterior, or including a dimmer switch – these all impact the cost of pot light installation.

Either way,hopefully this helped shed some light on the cost of pot lights. Now that you have the necessary information you can better calculate costs and determine a budget! For more information on pot lights or to schedule an installation, call the experts at Ontime-Electric.

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