Home Renovations That Require a Professional Electrician

Taking on a home renovation or DIY project can be a lot of fun. But there are some things, like electrical work, that should be left to the professionals. Working with electricity can be dangerous, leaving you at risk for shock or worse.

That’s why you should call in professional electricians who can ensure that any adjustments to your wiring or electrical panels is done safely. 

In this blog, we’ve listed all the home renovation projects that will require the attention of a licensed electrician.

Upgrading an Electrical Panel

If you are adding a new appliance you may need to upgrade your electrical panel too. New appliances often require a higher level of electricity for operation. You might also need to update your electrical panel if you are renovating an older home and need to bring your panel up to code. These kinds of adjustments should be left to the pros who can ensure that your new panel is wired properly to prevent a blown fuse.

Installing New Electrical Wiring

electrical wires

Many older homes have wiring that does not meet current building codes. You may also be required to install electrical wiring if you are putting in new light fixtures or completing a renovation. It’s best to call a professional when installing new wiring as this can require dealing with live wires and understanding your electrical panel to know which areas of your home require the service to be temporarily shut off. A professional electrician has the knowledge and expertise to safely install new electrical wiring so you can enjoy better service.

Light Fixture or Ceiling Fan Installation

Nothing can add a sense of elegance and grandeur like new lighting fixtures. This is a time when it is definitely best to call in the professionals. Installing light fixtures can be tricky and requires an understanding of wiring and electrical currents. This is also true for ceiling fans. Both require specific wiring to function properly and this should be handled by an expert electrician.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen upgrades often require extensive rewiring to accommodate new appliances and light fixtures. During a kitchen renovation, you may be required to change the wiring within the walls to upgrade service and power levels to meet the specifications of your appliances.  Homes today generally require 20A circuits to meet the energy demands of floor and countertop appliances. Your electrician will be able to upgrade your kitchen to meet these service requirements so you can feel confident that you have enough energy supply to prevent a blown fuse or damage to your appliances.

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These tips should help you understand which home electrical projects you should tackle yourself and which ones are best left to the professionals. The team at Ontime Electric can help you with all your home electrical upgrades with fast and knowledgeable installation and service. 

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