Emergency Electrical Service

Our emergency electricians are professionally trained and licensed to ensure that you receive immediate, dependable, and urgent electrical repair in Toronto & GTA. That’s why Ontime Electric is the number one choice for 24/7 emergency electrician services in GTA. Call now at 416-882-6000 and get a free quote from our 24/7 electricians.

24/7 Emergency Electricians

Electrical issues can be unpredictable, so it’s important to have an emergency electrical service you can call for fast and friendly electrical repairs. Ontime offers 24-hour emergency service for all types of electrical repairs.

Leaving electrical issues unresolved can not only cause damage to your home but can pose a risk to your personal safety too.

Emergency Electrical Service
Emergency Electrical Service

We offer reliable and complete electrical service solutions including:

  • Wiring problems
  • Circuit breaker and panel repair
  • Burned out emergency and parking lot lights
  • Surge Protection

Our team of emergency electrical contractors in Toronto arrives at your door ready to work so you can feel confident that even the smallest emergency issue will be dealt with right away.

Emergency Electrical Troubleshooting

An electrical emergency needs to be dealt with quickly and professionally. We handle all residential and commercial emergency electrical problems. Our services trucks are equipped with all the hardware and components necessary to make any repairs. There are several causes that can lead to an electrical malfunction such as power supply issues, circuit or panel issues, or faulty wiring.

Emergency Electrical Troubleshooting
Electrical Contractors by Ontime Electric

We perform an immediate diagnostic to determine the cause of the electrical issue. Then we begin making any necessary repairs to get your service up and running again.

Our team is always receiving ongoing training and certification so you can trust that the contractors at Ontime Electric are ready for any electrical problem.

24 Hour Electricians Near You

Trying to tackle an emergency electrical issue yourself can be risky. So when you Google an emergency electrician near me, you can count on Ontime Electric to be the first choice of Toronto homeowners. Ontime Electric can be at your home or business any time day or night to help restore power or make any necessary residential or business repairs. Our team arrives promptly and begins work right away so you can reduce your downtime and maintain business continuity.

Commercial 24/7 Emergency Electricians
24/7 Emergency Electricians

When you call Ontime Electric, you can trust you are going to get a live operator who can review your electrical emergency with you and provide our team with accurate information so we arrive prepared to make any repairs. How do you know what is an emergency? The most common emergency situations to watch for are intermittent or partial power, cut or live wires, or power failures. If you aren’t sure, contact us and we will be able to provide you with trusted and expert advice.

Learn why Toronto homeowners trust Ontime Electric for 24/7 emergency electrical issue support. Our team is fully licensed and bonded, which means you are getting professional and knowledgeable service backed by years of experience.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our work including a lifetime warranty on select parts and components. Contact us today for a free estimate on your emergency electrical issue repair or service.

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Emergency Electricians Service Areas and Hours

Monday – Sunday: Open 24 Hours

Our emergency electricians are 24/7 available for the following cities in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to perform emergency electric repairs:

If you searching for ’emergency electricians near me’ and need an urgent electrical repair call us at 416-882-6000


What services can be performed as part of electrical emergency repairs?

Ontime Electric offers complete electrical repairs as part of our emergency services: Some of these repair solutions include: 

– Wiring Problems
– Circuit Breaker and Panel Repair
– Burned Out Emergency and Parking Lot Lights
– Surge Protection

Why does my breaker/ fuse keep tripping?

Your breaker/fuse most likely keeps tripping because of one of the following three main reasons:

1. Circuit overloads are the most common reason for breaker tripping. This occurs when too much current is flowing through the circuit, causing the breaker to trip and shut off the power. Overloads can be caused by several things, including too many appliances on one circuit, a faulty appliance, or a power surge.
2. Short circuits are another common cause of breaker tripping. This happens when the hot and neutral wires come into contact, creating a direct path for current to flow. This can be caused by loose wiring, damaged insulation, or water damage.
3. Ground faults are another cause of breaker tripping. This occurs when the current leaves the circuit and flows into the ground instead. This can be caused by a broken ground wire, loose wiring, or faulty electrical outlets. Ground faults can be particularly dangerous because they can lead to electrocution.

What is the first thing to do in an electrical emergency?

An electrical emergency can be a dangerous situation. If you are faced with an electrical emergency, the first thing you should do is call your local utility company.

This will help to ensure that a trained professional can assess the situation and make any necessary repairs. If you cannot reach your utility company, or if the electricity is still on, do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. Instead, call 911 and wait for emergency services to arrive. Remember, safety should always be your first priority in an electrical emergency.

Is a buzzing outlet an emergency?

Treat a buzzing outlet as an emergency! A buzzing sound coming from an outlet is usually caused by a loose connection between the wire and the outlet. This can happen if the outlet is old or if it was not installed properly. While a loose connection does not pose an immediate danger, it can cause damage to your electrical system over time.

If you notice a buzzing sound coming from an outlet, you should have an electrician check it as soon as possible. The electrician will be able to determine whether the outlet needs to be repaired or replaced. In most cases, a quick fix will be all that is needed. However, if the outlet is old or damaged, it may need to be replaced to ensure the safety of your home.

How can I handle an electrical emergency until help arrives?

Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and even life-threatening. It is important to know what to do in an electrical emergency until help arrives. If you come across an electrical emergency, the first thing you should do is turn off the power. If you can safely reach the fuse box or circuit breaker, shut off the electricity at the source.

This will help prevent further injury. Once the power is turned off, call 911 for help. While you are waiting for help to arrive, administer basic care if necessary. If the person is not breathing, begin CPR. If they are bleeding heavily, apply direct pressure to the wound. By following these steps, you can help reduce the risk of further injury and improve the chances of a positive outcome.

How much does the intervention of an emergency electrician cost in Toronto?

Emergency electricians are available 24 hours a day and can usually be at your location within an hour. While the intervention of an emergency electrician in Toronto can be costly, ranging from $90 to $180 per hour, it is important to remember that they are trained professionals who can quickly and safely solve your electrical problems.

In addition, most emergency electricians offer a free consultation, so you can get an estimate of the cost of the repair before work begins. An example situation may be, the initial 2 hours will cost $180 and $90 for each additional hour.