Electrical Wiring Services

Electrical work in your home should always be left to a licensed contractor and you need someone who you can trust to the do job the right way at a fair price. Ontime Electric is the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted team of electricians with over 20 years of experience. Whether you need to replace a pot light or you need help wiring your new build, Ontime Electric can get the job done on time and within budget.

Home Electrical Wiring

Home Electrical Wiring

Every homeowner should have peace of mind when it comes to electrical wiring. Our experts are trained in the latest safety protocols and building codes to deliver the services you need. More than ever, we’re filling our homes with power-hungry appliances, entertainment systems and more. We can upgrade your electrical to feed that need, so you can enjoy today’s standard of living. We can also inspect older properties to flag any potentially dangerous issues, recommending a quick, safe and easy fix so you can get back to enjoying your home with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Basement Wiring

Basement Wiring Services

Thinking about a basement renovation? Ontime Electric has solutions for all of your basement wiring needs. We offer the best quality service panels and wired smoke alarms. Aside from safety, the most important part of a basement electrical project is the lighting. Basements are dark and dingy by nature, but properly installed pot lights or recessed lighting can instantly brighten up the gloomiest basement, adding plenty of square footage and value to your home’s usable space.

Smart Home Wiring

Solar Panel Installation by On-Time Electric

Everybody wants a smart home these days and there’s never been more technology available to help achieve that goal. It’s so easy to automate everything from lighting to temperature to security cameras and entertainment systems. Our smart home wiring specialists will ensure that your home can provide sufficient power to these devices and that everything is controlled by a central system. This makes it easy for you to enjoy your home and all of your smart devices under one roof.

Swimming Pool Wiring

Pool Potlights Installation Company

Maintaining a pool is a lot of work for any homeowner, but Ontime Electric’s pool wiring specialists make it easier than ever. We’ll install a state-of-the-art remote control panel for your pool. It can go wherever you want. From the comfort of your living room even, you can adjust the heater, pump, lighting and more. Our landscape lighting services also help beautify your pool and surrounding yard while adding an extra layer of safety and security for you and your family.

Hot Tub Wiring

Hot Tub Wiring Company

More Canadians than ever before are investing in hot tubs. It’s a great way to relax at home, but you need a licensed electrician to make sure that it’s properly installed. We install new units and replace old ones. Hot tub wiring done by a professional ensures that your temperature controls will function correctly, ultimately reducing your energy usage and saving you money on utilities.

AC Wiring

AC Wiring

If you’re having air conditioner issues or you need to install a new one fast, don’t sweat it! Ontime Electric ensures that all electrical components of your A/C unit are operating properly. We work on all units no matter the age, size or brand. It’s important to have well-maintained electrical wiring for your air conditioner, otherwise, your risk wasting energy or a possible breakdown of the unit.

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

If your home still has that old-style fuse panel or dangerous knob and tube wiring, it’s definitely time to upgrade your wiring and/or electrical panel. If left unattended, your home could be at risk and your insurance company could have the right to refuse a claim. New circuit breakers protect every device and person in the house by detecting issues before they have a chance to damage the home or cause injury. Spending the money now to upgrade your panel will also pay off down the road if you want to add more smart devices to your home, a hot tub or even an electric vehicle charging station.

You should only ever hire licensed electrical contractors like the ones at Ontime Electric for any electrical work inside your home. Attempting to do any electrical work on your own is very dangerous and could result in significant injury to your or your loved ones. Leave it to us! Our experienced teams of electricians specialize in all aspects of home electrical wiring services for your comfort and convenience. Call or email us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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