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Ontime Electric provides electric services throughout the GTA, including Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Scarborough, Etobicoke and other cities across the GTA. Our full range of services includes residential, commercial and industrial jobs, along with an ESA stamp of approval when the job is done. Some of the most requested jobs we do are knob and tube removal, custom home lighting and wiring, pot lights, electrical service upgrades and panel changes. In this section of our site, we will explain what each of these are, and provide you with some more information as to how our company operates.

Knob and Tube Removal

Because of old home wiring systems, commonly called knob and tube systems, are hazardous and offer little protection against electrical surges and fire, these systems are routinely being replaced with modern ones. The best solution to rewiring a knob and tube system and to bring the home up to today’s codes and standards is to completely re-work the system in a construction project that takes between one to three weeks to complete. Our electricians are pros in knob and tube rewiring jobs, having worked on thousands of jobs rewiring older homes in the area. We take the utmost care when working on your home, and ensure the preservation of your home’s structures and take care to impede as little as possible onto your daily lives while we work. We are the best company in the GTA for this kind of work, owing to our 15 years of experience.

Custom Electrical Work

electric service provider gtaOur technicians are trained to find and repair any issues in a timely manner, and we guarantee the best efficiency. Whether you require a diagnostic inspection or merely want to ensure the safety and integrity of any of your electrical work, we are highly trained for the job. Our teams are knowledgeable of building codes, electrical work, and diagnosis of the condition your electric work is in. Our electricians have years of experience in the field and will find your problem efficiently and safely. We deal with all sorts of electrical problems and will make sure you know what they are doing, and why they are doing it before any work is started. This way we keep our customers in the know as to prices, necessary time of repairs and necessary solutions.

Local Electrician Services in GTA
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Potlight Installation

Pot lights are the increasingly popular lighting fixture sought out for their sleek design, inexpensive installation and energy consumption, and overall look. These lights go well with nearly every area of your house, from the basement to bathroom, and are a great addition to brighten up your home. They do however require some tricky wiring, which is why we recommend hiring a professional to install them for you before you start digging around in your ceiling yourself. This way you can ensure correct installation of these beautiful lighting fixtures and prevent the risk of faulty wiring, electrical fires, and other damages.

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panels is now code according to most places in the GTA. With the help of Ontime Electric, you can upgrade your panels in just one day, preventing a fire hazard and other problems. A panel upgrade is also a means of ensuring power saving solutions. When you contact Ontime Electric we will start with a consultation wherein we will help you assess your power needs, and offer you the best solution for both safety and power saving. We service both commercial and residential spaces.

Our services also include

  • Panel Upgrade (60/100/200 Amp)
  • Fuse Panel Upgrades
  • Pot light installation (LED)
  • Knob and Tube wiring
  • ESA certification
  • Aluminium wiring
  • Addition & Renovation
  • Swimming Pool & Spa hook ups and wiring
  • Complete Basement wiring
  • Lighting installation

Ontime Electric is a professional and authorized company dedicated to offering tGTA Electriche highest standard of electrical services in the GTA. We are a member of the Authorized Contractor Program of Electrical Safety Authority, which is a program developed by the ESA to recognize licenced electrical contractors and HVAC Installation experts who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Safety Code compliant work. This is how you know that when you hire Ontime Electric, our electric contractors will provide you with the best quality, safest and most time efficient work. Visit our website, or contact us by phone or email for a free quote. Our phone number is 416-882-6000, and you can reach us by email at info@ontime-electric.ca. Feel free to read reviews of our company and services at our HomeStars page. We always look forward to hearing from our customers and will take the time to answer any questions you may have about our company, services, and rates. Call us today!