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Ontime Electric is the GTA’s best choice for commercial electrical contracting. Our company offers electrical services, maintenance, troubleshooting, installations, upgrades, interior lighting design & more. From complete electrical planning to installation of lighting aesthetics, our electrical contractors can help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective way.

We are dedicated to creating a commercial space that is safe and functional for years to come. In order for that to happen, your electrical panel and wiring need to be maintained, kept free from issues, and kept up-to-date. We understand that you want to prevent power outages and issues, and we do everything we can to keep your company functioning properly.

Contact us today for a better idea of the commercial electrical services we offer. Here is a summary of what we can do for your business.

Commercial Electrical Services Toronto

Commercial Electrical Services

We offer all forms of commercial electrical services, from the installation and maintenance of lighting in your office or company location, the to installation of new fixtures, wiring and wire replacements, outlets, dimmers, panel changes and general maintenance.

Our teams are capable of all lighting installations and upgrades, as well as electrical wiring for specialty businesses such as restaurants, manufacturing plants, public/community centres and more. We also install specialty lighting such as pot lights, chandeliers, dimmers, LED lighting, energy saving bulbs and lights, and more.

Our commercial electricians service Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Woodbridge, Maple, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Nobleton, Caledon, Bradford, Orangeville, Barrie, Georgina, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Kingston & more. For complete service area information, please call our electricians.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance Toronto

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

If your building or office requires regular electrical maintenance, we are the company to call. We provide regular tune-ups, problem-solving, maintenance, and safety inspections. If your company has illuminated signs, LED lighting, smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors which need regular checks, look no further. Our teams are well versed in commercial building safety codes, electrical safety monitoring and inspections, and we can solve your electrical issues during regularly scheduled check-ups or visits. Best of all, we are available ever day, offering flexible choices for before- and after-hours maintenance.

Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting Toronto

Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any electrical issues, problems, outages or failures, contact Ontime Electric. Our company employs certified electricians who have years of experience solving virtually any problem possible within the Greater Toronto Area. We assess your issues and find the best way to eliminate them before they cause any further damage to your business. From the mildest cases of flickering lights and broken outlets, to major problems such as short circuits, safety hazards, and fire risks, we are the most qualified team for the job.

Our goal is to see your company flourish, which is why we work tirelessly to create a problem-free and hazard-free environment. Our electricians use their superior knowledge and experience to provide you with inspections, advice, repairs, and replacements. We work with you to determine the best course of action and to solve any and all of your troubleshooting inquiries in a timely, effective manner.

Commercial Disconnect Switch Installation Toronto

Commercial Disconnect Switch Installation

One of the best ways to ensure uninterrupted electrical service to your business and to protect your assets is to install a disconnect switch, and current building codes require you to have one. This device will monitor the power supply to your equipment and power structure, shutting off all electricity in the event of an interruption or power surge.  This switch protects your assets by preventing short circuits and power surges which can harm important equipment and even cause safety hazards. A disconnect switch is an inexpensive solution to all of these issues.

Ontime Electric can help you select the best switch for your businesses’ needs, and we will install it for you. We offer a variety of models, each with different uses and benefits. Our professionals will offer you guidance as to the best, most cost-effective option to protect your information, equipment, employees, and patrons. With our help, you will find the best option for your needs.

Commercial Splitter Box Installation Toronto

Commercial Splitter Box Installation

Splitter boxes enable the connection of several sensors, and transmit signals and supply voltages through a multi-wire cable, reducing the complexity of your wiring and limiting installation costs. This service is only beneficial if you install a high-end splitter which meets the requirements of your company. Protection against moisture and resistance to aggressive liquids, corrosion and shocks are important for reliable signal transmission as well.

Ontime Electric’s licensed, professional electricians provide Splitter Box installation throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Our experts offer your company guidance as to the best possible option for your electrical wiring and suggest upgrades or improvements where necessary.

Commercial Transformer Installation Toronto

Commercial Transformer Installation

A transformer is an electrical device that increases or decreases the voltage and current being dispersed through your wiring so that your electrical devices can operate at their appropriate voltages. This guarantees safety, efficiency, and energy savings. There are a variety of different transformers for use in commercial establishments, and every model offers different benefits, so depending on the kind of business you are running, you may require a different transformer. A transformer not optimized for your business and location can cost you extra money and prevent you from getting the most out of your electrical work.

At Ontime Electric we work with our customers to provide them with quality information that will help their businesses save on electricity, optimize the performance of your appliances and electronics, and offer substantial energy savings that may allow them to take advantage of various government rebates and tax incentives.

Commercial Retrofit Lighting Toronto

Commercial Retrofit Lighting

A retrofit of your lighting systems may be an excellent means to save your company on electrical costs. We provide you with the opportunity to completely re-do your lighting, replacing it with cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting solutions instead of energy-wasting bulbs. We do this by taking advantage of LED lights, energy saving, cutting-edge occupancy control systems, green products, and so on. All of these products and other advantages allow us to offer your company a program which will lower your overall expenses and further save you money by making you eligible for various government rebate programs.

Ontime Electric’s quality electricians and electrical specialists can offer you a variety of smart electrical and lighting solutions, including retrofit lighting. We specialize in commercial applications, which help business owners save by investing in environmentally friendly policies.

Commercial Backup Generator Installation Toronto

Commercial Backup Generator Installation

Until we experience a power outage, we are unaware of how much we depend on electricity. Living in a country such as Canada, where snow, rain, freezing temperatures, and unforeseen power outages are common, having a backup generator for your company may be very beneficial. A backup generator will allow your workday to carry on uninterrupted in the event of an outage and will protect your valuable assets by keeping your systems up and running. Many companies are even required by government policy to maintain a backup generator.

Install a sense of security in the face of unexpected power failures, surges, or issues; Ontime Electric offers and installs a variety of backup generator models so that you can have the added security of constant power in your home or business.

Commercial Specialty Lighting Toronto

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Creative, customized lighting solutions, pot-light installations, energy-saving retrofits, and more is what our company can offer you today. We install all forms of lighting and offer custom lighting design for your company because we understand the benefits of having aesthetically pleasing lighting as part of your interior design. Contact us today with your ideas, and learn what we can do for you in terms of our design and installation services.

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections Toronto

Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

As a business owner or manager, you understand the importance of having regular electrical safety inspections to prevent the development of potential hazards, the sudden system failure, or the necessity of major repairs. It is incredibly important that your commercial space receives its electrical inspections regularly, and often. Our company offers these inspections in our safety package; we check your smoke detectors, heating and AC systems, security systems, grounding systems, light bulb voltages, switch and wall outlets, tamper resistant outlets, exhaust fans, and more. Protect your company and employees by hiring us for the best inspection job the GTA has to offer.

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