2018 Lighting Trends

Whether we’re ready for the new year or not, it’s slowly dawning upon us that 2018 is almost here. That means that alongside the new year, new year’s resolutions and our yearly day-long healthy eating spree, lighting trends are also changing. One of the most significant areas of home design in any given year is lighting. Yes, we know, we’re electricians. What do we know about lighting? Well, let’s just say that after years of installing and wiring various lights in your homes, we know an awful lot about what kind of lighting fixtures are in style at any given time. So, take our word for it when we say that 2018 will be a revolutionary year for lighting design! Without further ado, here are our projections for the upcoming year.  Continue reading

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician

While it’s always been tempting to save some cash and attempt home repair projects armed with nothing more than How-To Tutorials and a fire extinguisher, most people will recommend that when attempting electrical repairs, it’s better to stick to hiring professionals. We know it’s tempting to simply attempt to diagnose the issue and go at it with pliers, but like any other tradespeople, we hate seeing people accidentally burn off their eyebrows, short their electrical systems, or burn down their home. Besides the possible outcomes, there are a number of reasons why it’s best to hire a professional electrician for your home’s repairs. Here are just some of them:

Safety and Peace of Mind:

Any certified electrician will tell you that working with electricity can be dangerous, and if done incorrectly might lead to injury. Unless you yourself are licenced, or have the absolute certainty that you can perform this repair yourself, it’s always best to seek the professional help of licenced electrician.

In addition, you want your job to be done correctly. If the repair is not properly completed, it can cause serious safety problems in the long run. Electrical failures, shocks, fires and other dangers are all a possibility in the eventuality of an improper repair.

Safety of Investment:

There’s no point in sinking money into a job not finished correctly. Save yourself the trouble and the cash or later damages and repair costs, and invest in a proper repair service the first time around.

Education and Training:

A professional electrician brings prior knowledge and years of training to any job. Diagnosing an issue can be difficult at first, but is no trouble for a skilled and trained technician. Before you hire any electrician, ensure that they are trained, bonded, licensed and insured.

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Troubleshooting Capacity:

Do you know what to do when you encounter electrical problems? An electrician does, and can help you solve any issues that pop up during the repair process. Training and experience allows quality Toronto area electrical contractors to be able to get to the root of the problem in no time, saving you time and money.

Insurance and Quality:

Protect yourself from costs and damages, and ensure that your repairs are finished quickly and effectively. In the eventuality of damages or unforeseen costs due to injury, the electrician is insured and will cover the charges. Licenced electrical contractors therefore offer a quality of service beyond those offered by DIY gurus or unlicensed companies.

Guarantee of Effectiveness:

Getting repairs or work done by a quality electrician means you can rest assured that any future costs of maintenance will be covered, as all reputable companies offer a warranty on services, repairs and installations as well as free maintenance in case of future problems.

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Potlight Installation Toronto

Any house or building is incomplete without adequate lightening. Lightening in any house must be a subtle balance of classical and modern trends that should aptly reflect the preferences and likes and dislikes of any owner. You will very rarely come across a house that is perfectly designed to reflect the taste of its owners. Most of the time either the lightening is garish or very dull! Every room in a house is unique in its setting and purpose. A lightening system must perfectly complement the setting of a living room, bed room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen. An improperly installed lightening system affects the settings of a room. Continue reading

Electricians in Toronto


Ontime Electric is a Master Electrician Company is a five star company that offers perfect electric services in the region Toronto. The company has registered top industrial performances according to the recent industrial progress analysis. Its quality services are evident considering the encouraging reviews from different clients. Continue reading

Why you should hire a licensed eletrician


Electricity is indeed one of the most important utilities that any resident or commercial premise must have. Today, almost everything runs on electricity thus making it one of the most important utilities in the modern homes and commercial centers. But it is a fact that most of time electrical facilities are prone to frequent faults that can lender the usage of this important utility almost impossible. In fact, most of the fires that have been recorded, a good percentage has been associated with electrical faults. One mistake that may people make is trying to fix some of these faults and yet they do not have the knowledge on how electricity works. This is why we are here to provide you professional electrical troubleshooting services. Continue reading

Toronto’s Knob and Tube Wiring Experts

knob and tube wiring torontoKnob and tube wiring is probably the oldest method of home wiring. The wiring consist of only two wires that include a neutral wire and a live wire, but no earth wire. In this type of wiring, cloth-covered wires are joined with porcelain knobs to secure these wires in place. Holes are drilled through a stud or joist and porcelain tubes fitted into them. The wires are then threaded through the tubes to stop them from touching the wood. Continue reading

Replace your Aluminum Wiring

How you can keep your family safe from the dangers of Aluminum wiring without ripping out your walls… I’ll additionally demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to repair it without spending a truckload of money doing it. Continue reading

Considering an Electrical Company in Toronto?

residential-services-electricalHaving an electrical company contact is a great way to ensure that your home and businesses run smoothly. In this day and age where electricity is running the world, it is paramount that each person finds a way to ensure that their electrical cables, and electrical appliances are moving smoothly. When there is not electricity and when some appliances are not working, It is a bad day for everyone. Well, we cannot all be electricians. Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician for Electrical Troubleshooting

Has your electricity been acting out lately? Have you tried to find solutions to the problem? Well, one of the best ways to deal with this issue is to call in a professional electrician to come and take a look. Troubleshooting electrical systems is not easy especially for someone who has never done this before. However, hiring only the best electrician for the troubleshooting is a necessity. There are so many electrical companies and also freelance electricians but very few really have the capacity to deliver high-quality troubleshooting service. Continue reading

Electrical Safety Inspections Toronto

What we look for in our house is safety from all electrical damages. Correspondingly we likewise need to verify that each frameworks in our family unit are in consistence to the most recent safety standards. Regularly, we hear that maybe a couple has been shocked or a house winds up on fire because of flame coming about because of electrical flashes. All these are the consequences of broken electrical establishment, absence of electrical support, and so forth. To put a conclusion to all these, safety inspection is important. One ought to ring Toronto electrician and benefit on time upkeep and safety inspections. Continue reading