Access Control

All types of security are vital for your business and that includes access control. Older key systems can be a high risk for easy access and theft, as you may not know how many keys exist outside of your property.

Access control systems for businesses are one of the best ways to protect your assets. It’s time to upgrade your access system for your business. Whatever type of door entry system you need, Ontime Electric is here to help.

Advanced Access Control Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Properties

Any large commercial property will have a lot of access points. It is important that you know who can actually have access to these areas. There are several highly effective door access control systems for businesses.

Ontime Electric can recommend different types of security to upgrade your access control. Keyless entry, smart card readers, and other top secure door entry systems.

Access Control Services

Upgrading your access system is a smart investment in your business. It’s important that only people who have permission to access certain areas are the ones who do.

As a trusted partner for our commercial customers, we frequently take on the responsibility of designing and installing an efficient access control system. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Monitor site access and staff movement in and out of the building
  • Track staff attendance and productivity accurately
  • Restrict and monitor access to different areas of your building using key fob and keycard entry systems
  • Manage visitor access and deliveries in a seamless manner.
  • Eliminate internal threats to security & safety

These systems go a long way to prevent theft and vandalism and will help keep all personnel safe. You may want to consider video or audio door entry, video intercom, and keyless door entry with cards or key fobs.

IP Intercom

Technological advancements have greatly improved intercom systems. IP intercoms are connected to your internet system and allow you far more control over the entire building.

Ontime Electric can install your new IP intercom system today. Many of the benefits are high-definition video surveillance, complete access control, and remote control. Most systems will easily integrate into your new system.

Video Intercom and Video Door Entry

See who is at your door without even being in the building. Not only can you see who is there but you can talk to them, as well. Allow access from a remote position and monitor who is coming and going. 

Many features are customizable and that allows you to communicate with anyone in the building from within the building or remotely. Certain features can be restricted to those you choose.

Audio Intercom

An audio intercom system is perfect for commercial property, warehouses, or mixed-use buildings.

These are ideal for areas that are difficult to monitor in other ways.

Card and Fob Access Systems

For high security, consider fob and card access systems. Electronic keys and cards are better for security, as all the information is on the card.

It allows you to monitor who came in or out, and when.

Contact the Experts

You worked hard to build up your business, so why take chances with your security? Keep your system upgraded with the latest technology. It’s an investment that pays for itself.

Contact us here at Ontime Electric for all the latest information about upgrading your access control system. Our electricians are all trained and licensed to help provide you with the best security system you can get.

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