2021 Lighting Trends

Whether we’re ready for the new year or not, it’s slowly dawning upon us that 2021 is almost here. That means that alongside the new year, new year’s resolutions and our yearly day-long healthy eating spree, lighting trends are also changing. One of the most significant areas of home design in any given year is lighting. Yes, we know, we’re electricians. What do we know about lighting? Well, let’s just say that after years of installing and wiring various lights in your homes, we know an awful lot about what kind of lighting fixtures are in style at any given time. So, take our word for it when we say that 2021 will be a revolutionary year for lighting design! Without further ado, here are our projections for the upcoming year. 

Pot Lights Installation


The less is more trend has certainly perked up in recent years, with more and more homes creating lighting designs with pot-lights and installing aesthetically pleasing, dynamic lighting fixtures that draw the eye to simple designs.

Pot Lights Installation in Show Room

Bright Coloured Accents

Why stick to black and white? Homeowners have recently gravitated towards bright, bold coloured accents in all facets of home design, lighting included. Bold, modern patterns and dynamic accents in not-so-modest shades are paired with metallic tones to draw the eye and attract attention.

Office Led Accent Lights Installation Project

LED Accent Lights

Under-cabinetry potlights, backlit ceilings and LED accents within furniture to add drama and light to recesses which would otherwise be obscured. LED-accented furniture is not being sold by every major retailer, and has made a significant impact on the home market.

Amazing Family Room with Potlights

Potlights in Non-Traditional Places

Much like the above LED phase has suggested, we’ve seen potlight installation come a long way in recent years. With newer lighting features, waterproof potlight accents and design techniques potlights are a welcome accent in virtually any room.

Amazing Chandelier and Potlights Installation

Statement Chandeliers

Traditional statement chandeliers have always been a means of adding drama to an interior. We’ve installed our fair share of oversized, traditional chandeliers to know that they’re a timeless classic piece in homes around the world. Modern takes on accent chandeliers use geometric designs and creative materials to create a new take on the classic, and add a sculptural artwork in the form of a lighting statement to an interior. Over time, we believe that the seriousness attributed to lighting design will disappear completely, and be replaced with unique, eccentric and unique pieces of modern, artistic décor.

The TLDR version of this article: lighting is taking on new functions, and turning lighting fixtures and pieces into aesthetic accents in any homes. Play around with lighting as decoration, and focus on creating unique centerpieces and accents in your room in this upcoming year.

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