Licensed Electrical Services in Etobicoke

Ontime Electric offers professional electrical contracting services in Etobicoke. We are a company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why we offer comprehensive services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We are a member of the Authorized Contractor Program of Electrical Safety Authority, which is a program developed by the ESA to recognize licenced electrical contractors and HVAC Installation experts who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Safety Code compliant work. This is how you know that when you hire Ontime Electric, our electric contractors will provide you with the best quality, safest and most time efficient work.

Energy Savings

Ensure your home’s energy efficiency with our company. We offer comprehensive energy saving solutions such as wiring upgrades, improvements, panel upgrades, smart home lighting solutions, electrical improvements and more. Don’t overpay on your next electrical bill, and see what we can do to save you money today.Green Electrical Services

Local Electrician Services in Etobicoke
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Other Services Include: Fuse Box to Breaker, Circuit Breaker Replacement, Ballast and Bulb Replacement, Installation of Wireless Lighting Controls, Dedicated Circuits, Wiring Upgrades and Lightening Controls. For a more in depth look at what we offer.

Upgrades and Improvements

Upgrade your current, out of date electrical system to a safer, less hazardous system. We can provide your home or business with electrical upgrades that will enable you to save money on your utility bills. With our help, you can ensure that your electrical systems are up to date on all government safety standards, codes and regulations.

Hi-tech Troubleshooting

For any electrical issues, power outages, malfunctions, and problems, call Ontime Electric for a reliable inspection and timely solution. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical services and guarantee a 2-hour reply.

Circuit Installation and Upgrades

Code requirements demand that commercial properties have ground fault circuit interrupters installed in bathrooms and kitchens in the workplace. Upgrade your circuit system and avoid fines for code violations, and avoid workplace hazards.

Knob and Tube Rewiring

The best solution to rewiring a knob and tube system and to bring the home up to today’s codes and standards is to completely re-work the system in a construction project that takes between one to three weeks to complete. Our electricians are pros in knob and tube rewiring jobs, having worked on thousands of jobs rewiring older homes in the area. We take the utmost care when working on your home, and ensure the preservation of your home’s structures and take care to impede as little as possible onto your daily lives while we work. We are the best company in the GTA for this kind of work, owing to our 15 years of experience.

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical panels can help ensure that your home/building is free of any potential fire hazards or threats. Avoid fire hazards of threats to your health and safety by adhering to electrical code and upgrading your panels. Our team will assess your electrical panel and offer you the best solution for both safety and savings, for residential and commercial buildings. We upgrade 100, 200 and 400 Amp panels.

  • Shock & Fire Prevention – AFCI/GFCIs: We install new arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI’s) and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) to prevent any electrical problems so that your facility or office is safe from hazards, and up to date on current code.
  • Dedicated Computer Circuitry: Protect your computer from unexpected surges and power outages, and ensure that your data is safe with dedicated computer circuitry.
  • Service and Maintenance Agreements: We provide regular, scheduled maintenance and inspections of all electrical work for your company. With unparalleled service, we offer you the best protection and guarantee of safety.
  • Electrical Safety Inspections: We are accredited and licenced for all manner of electrical safety inspections, and will offer your business solutions and repairs of unsafe, hazardous electrical work.
  • Specialty Receptacles: Our company offers electrical equipment for all areas of your office or commercial property. Whether your equipment requires high voltage electrical receptacles, or whether you need extra protection against surges or power outages, we will help you find receptacles that match your power and safety needs.
  • Fuse Box to Breaker: Reduce the need for fuse replacement following a burnout, or power surge, and upgrade to a breaker system that will offer enhanced efficiency and safety for your workplace.
  • Safety and Security Features: We provide and install commercial security systems, motion sensors, standby generators, surge protectors, shock protection devices and all are well versed in all manner of electrical safety prevention. We also install child-proof outlets, specialty receptacles, smoke and carbon detectors and other safety measures for the complete safety of your business.
  • Lighting Design: With complete stylistic knowledge, we are your number one choice for home lighting design, and lighting solutions. We design and install lighting for all interiors, and always find the perfect blend of high style and functionality in our work. WE install all forms of lights, including pot-lights.
  • Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Appliances and Fixtures: We install everything from lighting, to generators, and offer regular maintenance to keep your electrical systems in top condition.
  • Energy Savings: Ensure your businesses energy efficiency with our company. We offer comprehensive energy saving solutions such as wiring upgrades, improvements, panel upgrades, smart home lighting solutions, electrical improvements and more. Don’t overpay on your next electrical bill, and see what we can do to save you money today.

For a more complete and in-depth account of our commercial services, see our services page.

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