Transfer Switches

Another of the services offered by Ontime-Electric are the transfer switch to ensure your home’s generator’s reliability. Maintaining the generator have various areas that are critical. The maintenance are usually regarded as the most crucial with the transfer switch because the switches which are also being referring to as switchgear, are the device accessing and de-accessing the power of the generator. There are cases like when the entities are carrying out their switches maintenance, while other cases are hiring a supplier of power service in performing maintenance on the scheduling basis. Whatever the case, transfer switch proper maintenance are consists of at least two measures such as maintaining proper transfer switch environment and checking the switch’s condition.

It is always a great idea to have a transfer switch professionally installed to be connected to your portable generator in the control box in your house. Furthermore, most home owners are able to use this backup power source if they are going to confine its usage to smaller appliances essentially in your home.

Therefore, do not ever assume that since your generator is portable, it would not need a safety net that a transfer switch that is professionally installed are providing. While you can particularly and possibly be operating your little unit safely, you can always ask for advices to a professional electrician before you take chances unnecessarily.

For any questions, forward your information to us. We will take care of your home and any of your electrical inquiries. Call Ontime-Electric today for your Transfer Switches repair or replacement in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.