Surge Protection

Electrical safety and Security at home is a really big deal. It is very essential especially if you have young children or a pet. Not only it will be able to promote the concept in helping you to keep your appliances and outlets all working properly, it will also save your entire family from a complete disaster resulting a fire in your home.

On-time Electric provides residential services to keep the safety and security around your house. One of these is surge protection in order to permanently protect your television and audio equipment from being damage from the voltage reduction or a short supply drop out which is usually called brownout. These would be causing the equipment to fail or even the data may be lost especially on computer systems which do not have battery backup or desktop computers who do not have UPS.

The surge protector will be the solution to protect your household components. This device is usually placed in the line between the electronic device that it will be protecting and the wall electricity outlet. You can even be able to possibly protect other things like the telephone or any date lines with some of other devices simultaneously. There are various things that can be an electrical fluctuation cause which includes power outages completely, short circuits, stroke by lightning, circuit breakers that are tripping and supply unexpected fluctuation from the electricity supplier.

Surge protection can probably not save your equipment that are directly connected to the power supply, however, residual surges from strikes nearby would be normally protected from. Power surges are being caused by electricity problems within the suppliers of the electricity network are usually in the order of hundreds of volts, which would be needed to comfortably be dealt with by a surge protection equipment in a high quality.

If you’re located in the Greater Toronto Area or anywhere in York Region, we can service your home for your surge protection inquiries. Call On-time Electric today and we will provide you with a free quotation prior to starting our electrical job.