Dedicated Computer Circuitry

Making sure that your computers are working when you need them most is important. Power outages are a common and they often knock at your computers when they are on. This is why it is important to be able to save all your data and hardware prior to having a power outage. Power outages at times cause equipment to fail, which can be very costly at times. This is it is important to contact our master electricians to ensure that each one of your appliances is protected.

Dedicated Computer Circuitry

To protect against electrical hazards, medium and heavy duty appliances require their own unique dedicated circuit. Ontime Electric will assess each individual part inside your circuit breaker box to make sure that each appliance has its own dedicated circuit. Any power surges or electrical fluctuations will be minimized when we complete out task, so that when your appliances are on, it does not affect your other systems.

Few appliances need dedicated Circuits including computers, servers, heaters, furnaces, freezers, sump pump, water pumps, press machines and much more.

To install your new dedicated circuits, contact our team today. We service commercial, institutional and industrial properties in Toronto and York Region.

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