Circuit Installation and Upgrades

New code requirements have been requiring commercial properties including offices, factories and industrial facilities to have a ground fault circuit interrupters installed in bathrooms and kitchens in the workplace. Having failed to do so can cause a lot of troubles from potential hazards and fines from the city.

Circuit Installation and Upgrades Toronto

Ontime Electric is committed to your circuit installations and upgrades. We service commercial and industrial properties across the Greater Toronto Area and York Region. Our job is to make sure that your workplace is at its safest. We make sure that your current codes are absolutely up to date and that any of your receptacles which are outdated are replaced by new ones to meet the current codes.

For all your inquiries regarding any circuit installations and upgrades, contact Ontime Electric today. Our electrical contractors will assess your commercial property and provide you with the best and latest solutions to create energy efficiency, but most importantly workplace safety.

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