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Any house or building is incomplete without adequate lightening. Lightening in any house must be a subtle balance of classical and modern trends that should aptly reflect the preferences and likes and dislikes of any owner. You will very rarely come across a house that is perfectly designed to reflect the taste of its owners. Most of the time either the lightening is garish or very dull! Every room in a house is unique in its setting and purpose. A lightening system must perfectly complement the setting of a living room, bed room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen. An improperly installed lightening system affects the settings of a room. Continue reading

Electricians in Toronto


Ontime Electric is a Master Electrician Company is a five star company that offers perfect electric services in the region Toronto. The company has registered top industrial performances according to the recent industrial progress analysis. Its quality services are evident considering the encouraging reviews from different clients. Continue reading

Why you should hire a licensed eletrician


Electricity is indeed one of the most important utilities that any resident or commercial premise must have. Today, almost everything runs on electricity thus making it one of the most important utilities in the modern homes and commercial centers. But it is a fact that most of time electrical facilities are prone to frequent faults that can lender the usage of this important utility almost impossible. In fact, most of the fires that have been recorded, a good percentage has been associated with electrical faults. One mistake that may people make is trying to fix some of these faults and yet they do not have the knowledge on how electricity works. This is why we are here to provide you professional electrical troubleshooting services. Continue reading

Toronto’s Knob and Tube Wiring Experts

knob and tube wiring torontoKnob and tube wiring is probably the oldest method of home wiring. The wiring consist of only two wires that include a neutral wire and a live wire, but no earth wire. In this type of wiring, cloth-covered wires are joined with porcelain knobs to secure these wires in place. Holes are drilled through a stud or joist and porcelain tubes fitted into them. The wires are then threaded through the tubes to stop them from touching the wood. Continue reading

Replace your aluminum wiring

How you can keep your family safe from the dangers of Aluminum wiring without ripping out your walls… I’ll additionally demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to repair it without spending a truckload of money doing it.

In the event that your house was fabricated amid the late sixties to the mid-seventies, there is a decent risk that aluminum wiring was utilized rather than copper for its electrical circuits. Aluminum was utilized in light of the fact that there was a lack of copper because of the Vietnam War.

Be that as it may, after some time, inconvenience rose – to be specific… homes were torching with the aluminum associations with gadgets – outlets and switches – as the reason. Truly, research led by Franklin Research Institute for Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) uncovered that homes manufactured with aluminum wiring are 55 times more prone to burst into flames than homes set up with copper. There is nothing amiss with the aluminum itself. It is a phenomenal conduit and less excessive than copper. The issues emerge in light of the fact that aluminum grows and contracts far quicker than copper when utilized. This can bring about a free association, making crevices that can bring about starting and fire. Aggravating the issue further is the way that aluminum very quickly begins to oxidize the moment it is presented to the oxygen in our air. This response shapes an oxide covering on the wire much like rust structures on iron.

On the off chance that your house is fitted with aluminum wiring, you can be confronting different issues beside the undeniable peril of flame. Some insurance agencies won’t guarantee homes with aluminum wiring unless it is redesigned to present day electrical code. This can bring about awkward and unwelcome budgetary commitments on the off chance that you were attempting to offer your home or get your remodels went by an administration examiner. Besides, if your insurance agency finds that a flame in your house was brought on by aluminum wiring associations, they may dismiss your case for money related pay. Presently there are a few answers for this awful circumstance, however the first thing you need to do is figure out whether you have aluminum wiring regardless. You can get an electrical contractual worker managed by an expert circuit repairman to examine it for you.

Another system is to pleat the aluminum to the copper in pig tailing with standard crimpers and connectors. These apparatuses are promptly accessible at handyman shops and are to be kept away from. The last and exceptionally prevalent technique elevated by circuit testers is to bend the wires together with a turn connector and against oxidant cream. Then again, in CPSC-supported lab testing and in-the-field life tests, a considerable number of these connectors overheated extremely. Be particularly careful about a circuit tester advancing this kind of fix, not on account of he is a malice minded individual, but rather on the grounds that he is uninformed of these tests and aimlessly trusts the administration recognized what they are doing when they endorsed them.

There are just two adequate connectors for the occupation of joining the aluminum and copper wires together. The trademark names of these connectors are Copalum and AlumiConn. The Copalum connector requires a pleating apparatus that must be worked by a circuit tester why should ensure use it. The AlumiConn connector requires an accomplished circuit repairman with ability, consideration and an extraordinary “touch” to guarantee its viability and security. Once introduced, the new associations will be as protected and continuing as totally supplanting the aluminum circuits with copper.

One last security measure you can take to guarantee the well-being of your electrical circuits is to introduce Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. Albeit a bit much in the aluminum’s repair wire associations, these gadgets are general security for your whole electrical hardware. They shut down and ensure a circuit in a matter of moments if the scarcest flash happens anyplace, along these lines for all intents and purposes wiping out the chance for flame to happen. In new development, they are law and are utilized with copper hardware as well. Aluminum wiring need not be of undue worry the length of you have it appropriately examined and repaired.

Considering an Electrical Company in Toronto?

residential-services-electricalHaving an electrical company contact is a great way to ensure that your home and businesses run smoothly. In this day and age where electricity is running the world, it is paramount that each person finds a way to ensure that their electrical cables, and electrical appliances are moving smoothly. When there is not electricity and when some appliances are not working, It is a bad day for everyone. Well, we cannot all be electricians. Learning to fix and install electric cables and the likes takes a lot of time and needs mathematical knowledge. Something that many do not really like or downright understand. For this reason, if not for the many others, here is a huge need for contacts or information with the best electrical company in Toronto. What benefits does this hold for you?

Instant and constant help

The thing about electrical devices is that they constantly need to be taken care of. Whether for industrial or residential use, electrical devices have the ability to just make a person’s day bad. For example, assuming you use your computers for most of the work in the office. Your network system for one reason or another gets damaged, you will lose a lot of time and money trying to figure out what is wrong yourselves. Calling use, we will save you yours of work by identifying he faulty places and fixing them as soon as possible. As long as you are in Toronto, we will be at your service anytime you need and are flexible enough to work with you when it is most convenient.

Great service discounts

Everyone knows that it pays to have one electrical company providing you with services all year round. When we have promotion and offers for our clients and gifts for or most loyal of customers, you will be among this number. In fact, you may get a great money saving discount for working with us and letting us ensure ha your appliances are in perfect working order.


Sometimes, and in many cases, we find that the equipment is really not the issue. Sometimes our clients just over use the equipment expecting I to go beyond the potential it has been designed for. When you push it long enough, something will break and his will cost you a lot. To prevent this and to ensure our clients get the best services from the equipment hey have, we offer advice on who to get the work done without constantly over working the machine. Our experience, expertise, rained electricians and the qualifications hey hold allows us to offer you sound advice on whatever you need.

Emergency response

There are times in your residential, industrial or commercial work place where electric devices become faulty and you need them fixed very fast. During these times, we will offer you our emergency response service in which we pride ourselves. We will be at your disposal in an hour at the least to ensure that your business is up and running and doing what it does best.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician for Electrical Troubleshooting

Has your electricity been acting out lately? Have you tried to find solutions for the problem? Well one of the best ways to deal with this issue is to call in a professional electrician to come and take a look. Troubleshooting electrical systems is not easy especially for someone who has never done this before. However, hiring only the best electrician for the troubleshooting is a necessity. There are so many electrical companies and also freelance electricians but very few really have the capacity to deliver high quality troubleshooting service. The following are five questions you should ask before you hire an electrician to troubleshoot the electrical system in your commercial or residential property:

1. What Safety Measures Will You Put in Place?

One of the biggest challenges when troubleshooting electrical wiring and other electrical systems is to maintain the safety of the Commercial Electricians, the building and of course the people in it. A simple mistake can lead to a disastrous ending and huge losses. In that case, it is very important to know the kind of safety measures the electrician will be putting in place and how effective they are.

2. What is Your Experience in Electrical Troubleshooting?

A lot of experienced electricians are really good at what they do. In case you don’t want to take any chances with your electricity, it is advisable to assess the experience of any electrician before giving them the job. In addition to this, you should ask if they have handled the same kind of troubleshooting tasks before and what they learned over the years. An experienced electrician is always going to offer comprehensive troubleshooting.

3. How Long Will the Troubleshooting Take

It is not possible to know exactly how much time will be needed for electrical troubleshooting. However, a good electrician who has the experience and the expertise in this area can be able to estimate the total amount of time it will take for comprehensive troubleshooting. This helps you to choose the most appropriate time for the job especially if you are running a commercial space where customers come and go all the time.

4. What is your price?

Electricians charge differently for their service. In most cases though, experienced and highly qualified electricians will charge more compared to others. It is important to know beforehand how much money you need for electrical troubleshooting. In addition to this, ask the Residential Electricians if they would welcome the idea of negotiating the cost. At the end of the day, make sure you get the best electrician for the best price.

5. Can I see your license?

Finally, you will also need to see the official license of any electrician. The process of issuing licenses in many countries is very strict so only the best and the most qualified electricians are licensed to operate. With this in mind, any electrician or electrician agency that is duly licensed is better placed to offer the best electrical troubleshooting for your business.

Electrical troubleshooting is a very delicate task and should always be done as effectively as possible. In light of this, hiring the best electricians with the best expertise for this job is highly encouraged.

Electrical Safety Inspections Toronto

What we look for in our house is safety from all electrical damages. Correspondingly we likewise need to verify that each frameworks in our family unit are in consistence to the most recent safety standards. Regularly, we hear that maybe a couple has been shocked or a house winds up on fire because of flame coming about because of electrical flashes. All these are the consequences of broken electrical establishment, absence of electrical support, and so forth. To put a conclusion to all these, safety inspection is important. One ought to ring Toronto electrician and benefit on time upkeep and safety inspections. Continue reading

Electrical Troubleshooting

There are many ways in which electrical problems may occur. Understanding the steps to deal with each problem can help the situation better rather than instrumenting through and taking out the bolts from the fixture (not knowing what to do).

ONTIME-ESA-CERTFor example, if a chandelier has 6 light bulbs installed in it, and one of the bulbs is not working. The problem can be either in the chandeliers wiring (an open connection or open connection in socket), or in the lightbulb itself (burnt out filament or compatibility). Which procedure should you take for determining the location of the problem? (Without using any electrical testing instruments). Continue reading

Pick your master Electricians in Toronto

master-electriciansThe term ‘master electrician’ alludes to an expert who’s accomplished the most noteworthy position in their field. The years of experience gathered give them the tools to act in a supervisory limit or even to possess contracting businesses. Their obligations includes planning and installing electrical systems in different industrial settings, getting licenses for installation, and managing the work of individuals working under them, for example, journeymen.

Information aside, master electricians have more involvement in their field working with distinctive systems in diverse settings. The position can be accomplished by an journeymen who presents a work piece to an association which is then assessed by master electricians. Continue reading